Application Form For Visa Russia

How to fill out online visa application form for the russian visa?

To fill out the Russian visa application form you need to carry out a verification :

you are in possession of a voucher and invitation letter and if no, you can order it here :

order touristic invitation

for obtaining business Russian visa you must have a business invitation :

order business invitation

These invitations must includes the dates of your stay and the city or cities you are going to visit.

A medical travel insurance is obligatory, you can order it on line, you will get it in less than 5 minutes on your mail box :

order medical travel insurance

Your valid passport (still valid 6 months after the date of visa).

Now you will be able to connect to the link to fill out the application form for russian visa

Step by step procedure for completing the application for visa to Russia.

Page 1

  • Indicate the country of residence where you intend to file visa application and then choose language for questions on filling the application for visa to Russia. Remember to check the box “read the information” and “new form”.

Page 2

  • Enter a password of your choice and confirm it.

Page 3

  • Keep the assigned number in case of error.

Page 4

  • Your nationality. If you have had a Russian citizenship or that of a former USSR country.
  • Purpose of the visit and type of visa (Tourism, Business visit or others).
  • Number of entries.
  • The dates of your trip.
  • Then click on “Continue”.

Page 5

  • Surname.
  • First names (all your names if you have several).

ATTENTION: for married women, answer “yes” to the question “Have you had another surname” it is your married name that should be noted, e.g. DUPONT.

Page 6

  • Passport Information.

NOTE: Your passport number is the one on the same page as the photo and nowhere else!
It consists (French passport) of two numbers, two letters and five numbers, e.g. 12DV15259.

Page 7

  • Information about your stay in Russia.
  • Consult the information on your voucher and invitation letter.
  • Name of the hotel that supplied the document or the name of the Russian company that issued it.
  • Its address (you can note the name of the city).
  • number. It is the number always starting with MBT which corresponds to the approval given by the authorities in Russia. This number will be verified upon submission of your application.
  • Confirmation number. This is the tourist or business voucher and invitation number that you find at the top of page.
  • Itinerary: note the designated city or cities on your voucher.
  • Insurance: Yes (it is mandatory). Company name and policy number.
  • Have you already been to Russia? If your answer is yes, please note the dates of your last visit.

Page 8

  • Contact information.
  • Your primary residence address.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail.
  • Name of your employer or company where you work.
  • Your position in the company.
  • Phone number.
  • Your employer’s e-mail.
  • Are you travelling with children younger than 16 years or other persons? Answer ‘No’ because at the moment everyone, even babies, are in possession of a passport.
  • Do you have family ties in Russia? It is better to answer no.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.

Page 9

  • Choice of where to submit your application, Consulate of Russia, according to the appointment made.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.

Page 10

  • The summary of your visa application form will be displayed, carefully verify if everything is correct, click “Save” then “A4 form” and print.
  • Date and sign the document in black ink. Paste in the space provided your recent passport photo (taken in last 6 months, in colour on a light background, 4 cm x 3 cm).
    ATTENTION: no scanned or photocopied photos, you need a genuine passport photo taken by a photographer or in a photo booth.

Congratulations! Have a nice stay in Russia.

Compile your application for visa to Russia in this order when you present it at consulate

  1. Visa application form.
  2. Voucher and invitation letter.
  3. Medical/repatriation travel insurance certificate.
  4. Photocopy of passport, the page with your photo.
  5. Passport.

Consular fees: the cost of a tourist visa for a EU citizen is 61 €. The price for a business visa is the same. The processing time is from 4 to 10 days.