Receiving an electronic Russian visa in 2021
Since January 2021, if the sanitary situation allows, an electronic Russian visa will be available for everyone who wants to visit Russia.
Travelers could receive an electronic visa as recently as October 2019, but at that time its validity area was limited to several cities such as SaintPetersburg or Vladivostok; at present, you can submit documents for an electronic visa for trips right across Russia.
For example, you can complete an application form for electronic visa to visit Moscow or Irkutsk and also make a journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway with an electronic visa.
This innovation significantly simplifies the process of receiving a Russian visa, because it removes the need to process an invitation, visit visa application centers and complete some other complex formalities.
You can complete an electronic visa application form on the official website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as soon as the sanitary situation allows.

Important: since October 2019, electronic visa applicants have often made mistakes entering their personal data and that was the reason for multiple denials to issue travel documents.

Therefore, we recommend you not to attempt to complete all formal procedures independently, otherwise, your trip may be at risk of failure.

Three steps to receive an electronic Russian visa

1. Make sure that you do not have reasons for visa denial.
2. Complete the application form on the website.
3. Receive your electronic visa bye-mail.

Read carefully the following information before ordering visa processing:

1. An electronic visa allows you to stay in the territory of Russia within 16 days, that’s 15 nights, in the period of 60 days from the moment of visa issue. (The timing starts at midnight, not at the moment of your arrival to Russia).
2. This is a permission to stay in the country that you will receive by e-mail and need to print out; it is valid nationwide inRussia.
3. This is an ordinary entry visa (that allows a single entry and single exit), tourist, business, sport or humanitarian.
4. Its processing takes 5 days. You can complete a visa application for even today. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will start to consider your application only 20 days before your departure. You should submit an application no later than 6 days before departure.
5. Border control points are located at the points of border crossing by air, ground, marine, railway transport, and on foot. Electronic visa holders can pass through border control name in the airports of Moscow (“Sheremetievo”, “Domodedovo” and “Vnukovo”), SaintPetersburg (“Pulkovo”), Kazan, Krasnodar (“Pashkovsky”), Nizhny Novgorod (“Strigino”), Krasnoyarsk (“Emelianovo”) and other cities.
6. Visa costs 35 euros, this is the amount of a consular fee.

If you have an electronic Russian visa, you do not need an invitation, you do not need to collect the package of documents, visit a visa application center or send the package of documents to process visa, which means you do not have to complete any formalities o nearly so!
However, you must have on hand a certificate of medical insurance/insurance against an involuntary return to the country of residence, valid for the trip period, and present it at the border control point.

We are ready to assist you in receiving an electronic Russian visa, that is:
* Our experts will check your visa application form before it is surrendered to the visa application center under the Government of Russia.
* Our visa assistance experts will complete the application form according to the requirements of the Consular Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and make corrections, if necessary.
* We will provide you consultations by phone or e-mail in french (wealsospeakEnglishandRussian).
* Application and payment are made using secured forms.
* The electronic visa approved by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be sent in pdf format to your e-mail address. You need only to print it out and present it at the airport and border control point with the insurance certificate.
* If you lose your visa, a new electronic visa will be sent to you.
* The cost of visa processing services via is 40 euros.

If you apply to our experts for assistance, you can save time and avoid possible mistakes associated with complicated requirements that are applied to documents processing, especially that they are drawn upnotinFrench.

Ordering a visa is simple, you just need to complete the application form that is provided below. Prepare also a scanned copy of your passport and a photo.

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