Travel insurance order form for the Russia visa.

Benefits of the special travel insurance product Visa for Russia :

  • Valid for all nationalities
  • Valid for all destinations
  • No age limit
  • Guarantees accepted and validated by embassies (medical expenses 30 000 €)

Fill out the travel insurance order form for Russia with all the fields.

Important note :

  • The start and end dates of your stay in Russia must correspond with your arrival and departure from Russia
  • Write your name, exactly as it says on your passport
  • Write all your first names, exactly as they are written on your passport
  • Give an exact address

When the form will be completed, count 24 H maximum, before to receive :

  • Your certificate of travel insurance (digital version)
  • Guarantees table (to print)

Important for files in Paris and Marseille : Digital certificates to print are now accepted for applications filed in Paris.

For other cities, an original certificate will be sent to you by mail following your subscription.