Travel Insurance for your russian visa

If you are going to Russia, you must have medical/repatriation travel insurance.

This is one of the key documents for compiling your application for visa to Russia.

This certificate of medical/repatriation travel insurance must cover your stay, whether you need a Tourist visa for Russia, Business visa for Russia, a Work visa or other.

The medical travel insurance certificate contains:

  • The date and number of the insurance contract as well as the insurer’s contact details
  • Your surname, first names, date of birth and address
  • The validity of the insurance policy must cover the entire duration of your stay in Russia
  • The coverage of medical expenses and repatriation with a minimum of 30 000 Euro in case of serious accident or death
  • The coverage must be for the whole world including the Russian Federation
  • The original signature and stamp of the insurerIt is obligatory that all this information is featured on your medical insurance certificate for visa to Russia. Make sure to verify it carefully.

Why medical/repatriation travel insurance visa Russia?

No one is entirely protected from an accident, a medical emergency or illness that requires, at worst, intensive care. Be assured that in Russia hospitalizations are very expensive for foreigners.
This is why we, partner of a major insurance group, can provide at best price your travel insurance certificate that meets the requirements of VHS and Russian consulates in order to fill out your application form.
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Insurance for russian visa 19 €/6 days