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Visa has been specially created to facilitate your acquisition of russian visa.
We provide all the tourist vouchers and business invitations, documents required to obtain a visa to Russia as well as insurance for visa to Russia, which you can easily order on our website.
Our explanation of the formalities and documents for your visa to Russia application is maximally simplified and is compliant with the requirements of the Russian Federation.

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List of documents required for a Tourist Visa to Russia.

List of documents required for a business visa to Russia.

  • Valid passport (still valid 6 months after the requested visa).
  • Photocopy of passport (page where the photo is located).
  • Business invitation or TELEX. Consulate receives the original directly from Russia.
    You will receive all necessary information concerning TELEX to complete the visa application form. A hard copy of the invitation does not exist and will not be requested. Once the TELEX is ready, its number will be sent to you and you must refer to it during your application for business visa.
  • Medical/Repatriation travel insurance certificate covering your stay in Russia, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • Completed Visa application form, dated and signed in black ink.
  • 1 RECENT passport photo (6 months), in colour on a light background, not photocopied or scanned. Photo made by a photographer or in a photo booth Photomaton. (3 x 4 cm).

Where to apply for visa to Russia?

Go to the Russian visa centre website:
Click on: make an appointment …
It  is a private company working directly with Consulates of Russia. Their staff is experienced and offers excellent service.
Consular fees: The cost of a tourist visa for a French or EU citizen is 61€. The price is the same for business visa. The processing time is from 4 to 10 days.