There are several types of visa to Russia

Russian for tourist, business, work, study, etc… The voucher and invitation must correspond to the visa you will request at VHS or at the Consulate of the Russian Federation

For the formalities concerning the acquisition of a Russian visa, see all information about the required 9 steps of action.

Tourist Visa to Russia

It is issued to individuals wishing to travel to Russia for a stay:

● Of short period not exceeding 13 days including the date of arrival and departure. It’s a simple entry visa and to obtain it you need to be in possession of a tourist voucher and invitation.

Tourist Visa to Russia, for EMERGENCY acquisition: We provide the tourist voucher and invitation in 1 hour max for a tourist visa of 13 days.

Tourist Visa to Russia of 30 days maximum: For individuals wishing to do a tour or stay of more than 13 days in Russia, the tourist visa is provided for a maximum period of 30 days, a programme of visits will be required to supplement the voucher and invitation, in order to submit your application for visa to Russia.

The programme of visits is carried out by our service in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation. This visa is a single entry.

You can order on line the touristic Russian invitation. You will get it on your mail box within 24 h.

order touristic invitation

Business visa to Russia

This visa is a good choice for individuals making several trips to Russia during the year for commercial purposes, seminars, business meetings or for companies wishing to send interns and staff to Russia.

You can order your business invitation for visa to Russia on our site. Notice that the periods vary depending on the business invitation selected, its duration and the number of entries. See our prices.

It is issued on the basis of a business invitation, commercial letter or e.FMS issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS of Russia), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MFA of Russia). We are authorized to provide this document. It is issued for three, six months or a year with double or multiple entries.

e.FMS business invitation is sent directly to the Consulate of Russia. A hard copy of the invitation does not exist and will not be requested. Once the e.FMS is ready, its number will be sent to you and you must refer to it during your business visa application.

If you select a commercial business invitation letter, the period of acquisition is shorter, however, consider the shipping costs FOR CERTAIN COUNTRY as england, because you will have to present the original of the business invitation in order to obtain a visa to Russia.

Attention! The stay in the territory of the Russian Federation under a business visa of one year with multiple entries may not exceed 90 days per 180 days.

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Private Visa to Russia

This is a visa for tourists who are invited by relatives or friends living in Russia. It is valid for a period of 1-90 days. The visa to Russia is issued on the basis of an original invitation provided by OVIR.

The inviting party should take steps to obtain this invitation and the waiting period to obtain this document may vary from 1 to 4 months.

Transit visa to Russia

It is required when travelling through Russia to another country, without staying in Russia. No invitation is necessary, but you must provide a copy of the plane or train ticket to the destination country.

For travellers with flight connections in Russia, a transit visa to Russia is issued for 72 hours.

For transit by car the maximum validity of a transit visa is 10 days.

Student Visa to Russia

This visa is granted to students enrolled in academic or language courses in Russia and is issued on the basis of an invitation and a study contract with the educational institution. The duration of a student visa to Russia is three months to one year. An HIV certificate with a negative result is required for stays of more than three months.

Work Visa to Russia

The work visa to Russia is granted to foreign employees of Russian companies. It is valid for three months to one year with multiple entries. It may be issued on the basis of work permits in Russia, an employment contract and an official invitation. The company must also be in possession of a permit to employ foreign nationals.


The validity and type of visa must be strictly observed. Once you go to Russia, you cannot change the status of your visa, for example, from a tourist visa to a business visa.The only possibility is to leave Russia and to request a different visa. If the length of your visa cannot be extended, you must leave the country before the indicated expiration date and make a new visa application, if you wish so.