Russian visa, tourist or business in 9 steps

  1. Choose the type of visa that suits you best, depending on the purpose of your trip to Russia. You will need either a russian tourist visa or a russian business visa but there are others. Order online your tourist voucher and letter of invitation or business invitation for Russian visa.
  2. Order online voucher/invitation or TELEX for the russian visa.
    If you stay less than 13 days in Russia only a tourist invitation will be sufficient, but
    if you stay more than 13 days, you will need a tourist invitation more detailed tour program.
    For the business invitation / business for Russia, it is often sent as TELEX directly to the Russian consulate, the business invitation telex or business is the most ordered because it does not require you to have the original.
  3. Contact the center visa, the Consulate or the Embassy of Russia where you file your visa application file for Russia to know their official requirements and to make an appointment. Remember to make an appointment at least 3 weeks before departure.
  4. Complete online application form for visa to Russia  This is an important step which must be done online. Follow our instructions. It will help you in obtaining your visa to Russia.
  5. Order online your travel insurance for Russia. This travel medical insurance certificate will be requested by the russian consulate. You can order your travel insurance for Russian visa directly on our website.
  6. Compile your Russian visa application folder according to the list of documents required for the selected visa. Follow the procedures for your russian visa application, by following well the list of documents requested for the Russian visa you will get a complete folder.
  7. Appointment at the visa centre or russian consulat to file your application and pay your consular fees. A tourist visa for a French citizen or EU will cost 61 €., For a business visa / business rates is the same. The processing time is from 4 to 10 days.
  8. When you receive your passport with visa for Russia, verify carefully that the information is correct.
  9. Don’t forget to make your registration upon your arrival in Russia.